Bring it to Budapest (B2Bud) is an international company presenting Hungary as an ultimate destination for travel, leisure and business. We will be glad to provide you with individual excursions, mini-group tours, accommodation bookings and certainly with the full spectrum of expat services and real estate investments.

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B2BUD offers professional services for private and business travellers, for companies wishing to establish European Union-based ventures and benefiting from the cost-efficient, friendly and lucrative environment. We invite you to explore our region in order to taste the original spirit, enjoy the special blend of 21th century versus 1000 years of Hungarian historical heritage.

We organize your trip, coordinate your event, bring you to exclusive places, introduce you this cosmopolitan cultural wonderland, serve you the unique local culinary, and assure the success of your investment in the dynamically developing real estate market of Hungary.


Tourism B2Budapest

We are offering the full touristic support, besides the basic accommodation bookings,transfer in Hungary and abroad, excursions in Budapest and around the country, we offer as well the tour planning,event organizing, cooking master classes, health programs, children summer camps. Welcome to Hungary and let us be your professional companion.

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Individual excursion

Individual excursion B2Budapest

Why is it important to have an individual excursion with us? The answer is quite easy.

We love our country and with an individual tour guide you will have an opportunity to get a real feeling of the place, to see those hidden corners, to try that food, to hear those stories, which you can never come across during the group excursions! Only through the local person comes the deeper understanding of the Hungarian history and atmosphere. So, if you want Budapest not to be just a cross mark on a map where you've been, ask us for an individual guided tour and you will never regret!

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Mini-group excursion

Mini-group excursion B2Budapest

This type of excursions are still a wonderful combination of quality and budget. While being bit cheeper than an individual guided tour, mini-group excursions around Hungary and Budapest will give you a great opportunity to be almost personally treated, cause they are never more than 6 people and on the other side, common it's fine to be in a mini-group with the same enthusiasts like you are!

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Real Estate Sales and Rentals

Real Estate Sales and Rentals B2Budapest

To open for you some of the secrets but of course not all of them,we can proudly say, that the Hungarian real estate market is one of the world most developing, with a 9% growth per year. In addition to this it can give you quite a promising return on investment. Budapest properties are giving it's investors about 8-10% clear income yearly. That is why we do for you the full spectrum of services including: buying, selling, renovating, renting out. We have our own apartments on sale, the basic prices start from 50 k euro.

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Film and Commercial Services

Film and Commercial Services B2Budapest

Hungary is a well known place for Hollywood productions. Usually we have around 4-5 big shoutings per year in the city and on our film studious. The city and local professionals are always on duty for absolute all kind of needs in this field. Find us and let us manage your production, it can be a commercial, image movie, corporate movie, documentary or even a Feature film. Don't forget that budgets here are much more attractive than in Western Europe. In case you are here on business and ready to start your corporate, we will open you a company, help with license obtaining process, connect with a professional bookkeeper, provide the full legal support. Don't regret to start an enterprise in an European Union and certainly get benefitted!

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