Bring it to Budapest (B2Bud) is an international company presenting Hungary as an ultimate destination for travel, leisure and business. We will be glad to provide you with individual excursions, mini-group tours, accommodation bookings and certainly with the full spectrum of expat services and real estate investments.

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B2BUD offers professional services for private and business travellers, for companies wishing to establish European Union-based ventures and benefiting from the cost-efficient, friendly and lucrative environment. We invite you to explore our region in order to taste the original spirit, enjoy the special blend of 21th century versus 1000 years of Hungarian historical heritage.

We organize your trip, coordinate your event, bring you to exclusive places, introduce you this cosmopolitan cultural wonderland, serve you the unique local culinary, and assure the success of your investment in the dynamically developing real estate market of Hungary.

Real Estate Sales and Rentals

Real Estate Sales and Rentals B2Budapest

To open for you some of the secrets but of course not all of them,we can proudly say, that the Hungarian real estate market is one of the world most developing, with a 9% growth per year. In addition to this it can give you quite a promising return on investment. Budapest properties are giving it's investors about 8-10% clear income yearly. That is why we do for you the full spectrum of services including: buying, selling, renovating, renting out. We have our own apartments on sale, the basic prices start from 50 k euro.

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