Bring it to Budapest (B2Bud) is an international company presenting Hungary as an ultimate destination for travel, leisure and business. We will be glad to provide you with individual excursions, mini-group tours, accommodation bookings and certainly with the full spectrum of expat services and real estate investments.

Business seminars in Hungary

We consider our clients as our individual partners, so we do care about them and try to give everyone individual attention. We organize seminars and conferences for groups of 5 to 55 people. We can organize working sites both in Budapest (in elegant hotels) or in peaceful countryside not far away from a lake or a golf club.

How do we work?

Step One. Together we create the model of you seminar.

This is the information that we need from you:

  • Number of participants.
  • Required quality (3-4-5 stars) of hotel and area (Budapest, resort area, Spa hotel, winery or other options).
  • All technical requirements - the size of conference rooms, equipment, etc.
  • Meals: inform us please what kind of menu do you prefer
  • Additional program (excursions, visits to wineries, banquets, etc.).

After having all this information we begin to assess and plan the budget. If the budget is agreed with you, we will go directly to the booking stage.

We would like to remind you that you should worry neither about visa issues nor about the logistics.

Your seminar or conference will be organized from A to Z.

Take a look at an example of a full package (prices are approximate).

  • Air ticket: from Moscow- from 3000 RUB . (Moscow - Budapest) - Hungarian company "Wizzair". From Moscow.
    from 9000 RUB . (Moscow-Budapest) - the company "Aeroflot".
    From other regions usually from 13 000 RUB.

  • Air ticket: from New York- from 900 USD . (New York – Budapest- New York) – various companies.

  • Air ticket: from London- from 50 GBP (London – Budapest - London) - Hungarian company "Wizzair".

Visa and Insurance: when you book a trip through our company, the cost of visa will be about 80 euro and Insurance about 1 euro per day + postage (if the shipping documents are from the regions).


  • 5-star Hotel - Double Room from 130 EUR / night
  • 4-star Hotel - Double Room from 60 EUR / night
  • 3-star Hotel - Double Room from 40 EUR / night

Transfer: 50 Euro per person (depending on the program)

Banquet and service:  from 35 euro per person.

Appetizers, main dish, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, dessert and service are included.

Sightseeing tour in Budapest: from 30 euro.

Excursion around Hungary: from 35 euro.

Excursions to other countries: Austria, Vienna (for example) from 50 euro.

So, let's have a look at the clear example!

You need to organize a weekly seminar for a group of 20 people at the level above average, but still not VIP, in the 4 stars hotel with breakfast, conference rooms for 3 hours a day for training. As for excursions – two, in and out of Budapest. You are planning to have one banquet in a good restaurant during the seminar.

So budget for a group from Moscow (we take average cost, accommodation DBL).

Flight - 4500 rub  ("Wizzair")

Visa + insurance - 3500 rub

Transfer - 50 euro

Hotel 4 * - 40 euro a day or 280 euro a week (breakfast included)

2 excursions  -  70 euro

Use of meeting room - 10 euro a day, about 5 days, 50 euro

Corporate banquet - 40 euro.

Our services for organizing, booking, visa support, transfer are 100 euro per person.

Total cost of the full package is only 770 euro! (flight, hotel 4 *, visa, insurance, transfer , two excursions, banquet, conference room)

* Price is calculated approximately, depend on the hotel and season.



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