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Culinary and Wine Tours – discover the flavors and spirits of Hungary’s cuisine and wines

Monday, 25 January 2016

Hungary has an amazing number of 22 different wine regions. Some with over a 1000 years of cultivating tradition. B2BUD is pleased to introduce you four of the best regions with combining unique experience of folk art and local cuisines.

  1. Tokaj – Where Tradition, History Means World Class Quality

    Maintaining and developing the Celtic and Roman wine-growing culture in this special micro-climatic area you can enjoy world class treatment. You will be a guest of a UNESCO world heritage site with its local’s warm hospitality. They can host you in private apartments or small hotels, and definitely introduce you the wine-growing traditions. Apart from the famous Aszú (the world's oldest botrytized wine), you will taste the finest white wines of Hungary. Enjoy the two hours of scenic route from Budapest to the north of Hungary.

  2. Art Noveau Blended with Turkish and Renaissance Heritage – Pécs, Villány

    Visit this splendid artistic, cultural and university town south of Hungary. It has the best red wines, the most sunshine and the one of the warmest hospitality in the country. The world famous Zsolnay Porcelain Factory – today a cultural institution as well - is here with a vibrant cultural programs. Hungary’s largest mosque can be found here also, surrounded by charming cafe houses, boutique stores and restaurants. Visit the oldest university town of Hungary with remarkable renaissance heritage. Enjoy the three hours of scenic route from Budapest to the south of Hungary.

  3. Balaton Highlands – Red and White by the Lake Balaton

    Around Central Europe’s largest fresh water lake, the Balaton you can find various types of wines. The huge volcanic geological area can be a guarantee for quality enjoyment. We can organize wine cellar-visits with special dinners at different local vineyards. You have a chance to close the door behind you and relax in small, intimate villages around Lake Balaton. We provide full service of wine-tasting tours, cellar-visits, and other culinary surprises. We have the privilege also to introduce you the region’s medieval castles as well. Enjoy the two hours of scenic route from Budapest to the south-west of Hungary.

  4. Bull’s Blood – History with Precious Red Wines

    Eger is one of the most historic town of Hungary that has the charming blend of medieval and renaissance heritage. Excellent local cuisine with top class wines, mainly red ones out of which the most well-known is Bull’s Blood. Visit the city and experience its small town-buzz with unique pastry shops and splendid cafes. Enjoy the two hours of scenic route from Budapest to the north-east of Hungary.  

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