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Excursions in Budapest

Budapest is the heart of Europe, many tourists say, that it’s the unique combination of Paris, Vienna, London and Berlin; the most attractive capital of the eastern part of central Europe with the nation (Magyars) that has more than one thousand years of history. Here you can get everything you have dreamed of. In comparisons to other European capitals, in Budapest you can allow yourself many services and even luxury! We present you the Pearl of the Danube as an informal resort capital of Europe with a surprisingly rich variety of nature, cuisine, arts and architecture. Welcome to Budapest!

Classic Budapest

Here we offer a wide range of tours around different parts of the city!

  • Touch the heart of the city:

    During this walk I want my tourist to focus on the heart of Budapest, crossing the 5th district from its central square to the Parliament and see all the most important landmarks of the country. These places can identify the most important milestones in the history of Hungary.

    We begin with the square named after a very important person for Hungary - Ferenc Deak, the Wiseman of Magyars. In former times there was a market. Hundreds of years peasants and urban dwellers bargained and made deals here. Nowadays it’s the busiest point of the city – the Times Square of Budapest. Here the old buildings coexist in the enormous harmony with new buildings; there is a place for masterpieces of contemporary art and antique trams. And even one of the most important clubs in the city you will find here - on the same small patch.

    We will walk through the most beautiful streets. We will see St. Stephen's Basilica and the Freedom Square, where grandiose constructions are located - the building of the former stock exchange, the USA Embassy , the Hungarian Treasury. Each of the buildings can tell their own stories as well as the history of the whole city.

    Then we will have a look at the monument of the Soviet soldiers, guarded by ex-USA president, Ronald Reagan. On our walk we have a stop at the neo-Gothic beauty of the Hungarian Parliament - this is the largest building in the country, the symbol of Budapest. During our excursion we will discuss what events took place in Hungary and what traces they have left and, of course, what’s happening today.

  • Buda Castle. The Royal Palace and entrance to the Middle Ages.

    It happens that Pest captures travelers so much that they decide not to spend time in Buda at all. We advice you discover Buda as well – at least just cross over the famous Chain Bridge and have a walking tour in the unique historical zone, where time has stopped. Buildings there can tell you amazing stories of the royal court, the times of the Turkish invasion and the dramatic events of the Second World War.

    During our excursion we tell you a lot of interesting facts and history of many buildings as well as the history of Hungary on the whole.  We begin with the Chain Bridge, go up the hill by the majestically stylish funicular, go around the whole territory of the castle district, and relish the best views of the city.

    We will discover the history of the Royal Palace, the oldest municipal theater, the armory museum, the church of Mary Magdalene and the Matthias Church. We visit Fisherman's Bastion and pass by the legendary Hungarian confectionery where marzipan had been produced first time in Budapest. We also take a look at the middle aged-style small alleys and its hidden treasures, like the place where once was the most famous synagogue in Europe!

    We can have this tour both in the day time and in the evening, when the castle and the whole city are lit and you can notice a lot of delicate nuances what may be you haven’t noticed in the day time.

  • Andrassy Avenue or the Hungarian Champs Elysees – taste luxury in downtown!

    During this tour we will walk along the avenue of luxurious boutiques and first class restaurants and visit cult attractions of Budapest. By doing so we will learn a lot about the majestic architecture and the turbulent history of Budapest. Of course this is a paradise tour for shoppers!

  • The Heroes Square and the City Park:

    In Budapest there is a very interesting and elegant part which is called the City Park. We invite you to join us and be ready for a lot of pleasant surprises! This area of Budapest starts from the famous Heroes Square, where you can get acquainted with all the high profile figures from the Hungarian history. By the way the oldest subway line of the whole continent starts from this area. So, here we will see the stations which were opened at the end of the eighteen century. 

    If you are a museum-lover, you will find here a great place for spending several hours checking museums of contemporary art and classical art. The park itself is rather big, in the heart of it there is an artificial lake which turns into a big skating ring in winter. Don’t miss the Vajdahunyad Castle, which captivates with its beauty. The epicenter of this area both for tourists and locals is the most famous swimming pool with thermal water in Budapest - Széchenyi Bath. Actually, it is a real palace - huge and impressive neo-baroque beauty. But at the same time it is a swimming and fitness complex. So, here you can improve your health and meet your need in beauty – being a guest of a palace!. 

    It is still not the end of our tour. If you have kids, a splendid finish would be of our excursion visiting the famous zoo and the amusement park, where you

    will take a pleasant ride on the oldest in Europe marry-go-round. Join us!

  • Walk through several epochs:

    There is a great route around Budapest, which is able to plunge travelers into several epochs at once: in those days, when Hungary was ruled by the Turks, when the king of Austria-Hungary Franz Joseph was the creator of many reforms, when there were periods of the most terrible wars of the XX century.

    We will start our walk in front of the famous Hotel and Spa Gellert, where in the days of Turkish occupation thermal springs were discovered. Today it is fashionable Spa which attracts people - like a magnet - all over the world. 

    So, we will cross the bridge and see the lively Vaci street where everybody has a chance to observe the daily life of citizens of Budapest: housewives are in a hurry to the market which looks like a museum; elegant ladies enjoy themselves and ice-cream with cappuccino in cozy cafés; a lot of people are running and cycling – it’s in fashion to be sporty!

A few more steps and we will be at the modern area of Kalvin Square – introduction of the SoHo of Budapest (with plenty of great restaurants)! Nearby is the solemn National Museum of Hungary with Greek white columns. A few corners away and we're in front of one of the main attractions of the city - the largest synagogue in whole Europe!

Behind the synagogue there is the Jewish quarter that has seen a lot during its lifetime. Today it is one of the most quickly developing areas of the city. Actually this area is bustling with life - Hasidic families are celebrating Sabbath, busy business people running around with their Vespa-bikes, and later the day teenagers changing one club for another. Locals are complaining of the rapid transition of the area, but they also benefit from the speedy development.

The three-hour tour includes logistics and a local guiding:
130 euro for a group of 1-4 people by car,

walking tour 100 euro for 1-9 persons
walking tour 130 euro for a group of over than 10 people

Alternative Options for our clients:

What happens in Budapest stays in your heart. You will not keep it for yourself, but spread the words in your networks. The buzz and the vibe of this magical city will captive you for sure. B2BUD offers various activities for the long and memorable nights:

  • romantic sights – we invite you to the best hidden and amorous locations of the city. Breathtaking panorama, charming cafe spot with champaign and strawberries. 
  • Hollywood in Budapest – Visit the sights of many Hollywood blockbuster movies that were shot in Budapest. Would you like to check Evita’s balcony, Brad Pitt’s and Angelina Jolie’s hidden park at the Gypsy Town? Steven Spielberg’s favorite kosher pastry shop, Michael Jackson’s ultimate fun park, Sylvester Stalonne’s own casino, Madonna’s luxury hotel, or Bruce Willis’ favorite bath house? Come with us, we guide you those exclusive places.
  • cabaret-dance hall visits – famous Hungarian operetta with musical and hilariously funny shows. 
  • night walks along river Danube – a beautiful view of the sunset, lit city and majesitc buildings, exquisite dinner for gourmands.
  • limousin ride along the city – work hard? party hard! You deserve a delight funride along the fanciest roads of Budapest 
  • night cruising on the Danube – experience the sunset from the river with different types of music and a special gourmet dinner. 
  • night pool Xtravaganza: Not just party with private DJ-s at exclusive Turkish bath houses, but at the same time let your body enjoy different effects of the healthy and beneficial type of thermal water. Rock n’ Roll in the largest water cave system of the world...
  • pub and party-crawling – Let yourself go with the flow in the atmosphere of downtown bars, pubs and clubs. Enjoy quality drinks with special discounts in the company of our glamorous hostesses. They surely guarantee unforgettable experience around world famous urban inventions, the ruin pubs.

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