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This is one of our very special favorite one! SPA-Wine-folk-art and a touch of see-paradise! This magically located small Mediterranean town of Harkány is only a few hours drive away from the popular sea shore of Croatia. Harkány lies in the south of Hungary, close to Serbia, in the valley of the River Dráva, embraced by hills and vineyards.

The location is a perfect combination of outdoor activities with varied scenery of wheat fields and pristine lakes, green forests and more vineyards.The medicinal water at Harkány is a gift of nature with a history of two centuries. Families, those who wish to be refreshed or healed are equally heartily welcome at Harkány – the water composition is alkaline, contains hydro carbonate and sulphur, the premises are located in a 13.5-hectare natural park.

Совершите "Путешествие в Будапешт" с нами, и оно запомнится навсегда!




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