Bring it to Budapest (B2Bud) is an international company presenting Hungary as an ultimate destination for travel, leisure and business. We will be glad to provide you with individual excursions, mini-group tours, accommodation bookings and certainly with the full spectrum of expat services and real estate investments.


How does your company work?

We are not a tour-operator and we do NOT offer standard trips. We are focusing not on quantity but on quality. We are working with every tourist or group of tourists personally and this approach allows us creating individual tours. We work with your interests and preferences and together combine a program of the tour. We are specializing both on luxurious tours and shoestring trips. Let us know your budget and preferences and we create individual tour only for you! 

Hungary isn’t a big country, but has a variety of touristic programs. We can offer different tours - gastronomic, wine, SPA, city tours, historical, stag parties, festival and business, tours.

What is the difference between tour-operator and your private company?

Thank you for a question! Every tour-operator has a charter and reserved seats in a plane and chain of hotels to work with. Tour operator offers you certain dates, certain hotel, programs and decent prices. But what if you like creating your own programs, want to go from Hungary, for example, to Austria or Germany? Do you like freedom, do you want to visit places off the bitten tracks and don’t want to have strict time frames?

In this case you have nothing to do but create your own program fully independently and use the service of private small companies. 

Freedom and Flexibility – this is our motto and the main principal difference and advantage from big operators. As a rule companies who work with tour-operators don’t offer individual tours or offer them for the triple price! We advise to apply for several companies and compare their prices and offers. Check our price-list and you find interesting offers for you! 

Why will I buy your tour?

We know Hungary and love this place. We have a lot of advantages in comparison to companies of your country – we live here, have a lot of experience working in this particular environment, and know a lot of interesting and nontrivial routs through the country. 

We start with figuring out your needs and desires, of course with our experienced suggestions. Then we will make you an offer and discuss it. In case you are satisfied, we do start the booking process. Another advantage is that all tickets, hotels, transfers are booked for your name and not for the name of our company, so the risk of late payments, non-payments or cancellations evaporates. You take risks and loose some funds only in case if you decide to cancel your booking and some cancelation fees are involved.  You pay us only for services; the cost depends on complexity of a tour (as a rule 80-150 euro). For this money we help you to make visa and insurance, book tickets, hotels, spa-programs.  In the end, you will have absolutely unique tour for the same price if you have bought it from a regular  tour-operator. You will create the tour with us and we will be you reliable guides – we’ll make your vacation dreams come true!

Be our guest, be our partner! 

Bring yourself to Budapest! 

Igor and Robert

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