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Brian Marcus – CA, USA

We have traveled throughout Western Europe which prompted our desire to try Central Europe but our expectations were not as high prior to the trip.  We were so very wrong.  While we thoroughly enjoyed Austria and the Czech Republic, our biggest surprise was Budapest.  A wonderfully delightful city separated by the Danube River.  If you have the opportunity to view Buda and Pest from the river at night you will find a spectacular panorama of architecture and lights that we feel is unsurpassed in Europe.  The city is filled with interesting history since it was host to Magyars, Jewish, Roman, Turkish and various other European cultures.  While the current inhabitants are not as fluent in English as other European cities their willingness to be helpful far exceeds language obstacles.  We spent four days in Budapest and were only disappointed that we did not have longer to explore the charms it offers. 

Robert was our guide and he was very knowledgeable about his city.  We gave him a Raven's cap from our city of Baltimore and he must have given our team good luck, as the Raven's became the Football Super Bowl Champions for 2013. I would encourage anyone to visit Budapest to ask for Robert who will be the best choice to be a guide int hat great city of Budapest! 

Совершите "Путешествие в Будапешт" с нами, и оно запомнится навсегда!




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