Bring it to Budapest (B2Bud) is an international company presenting Hungary as an ultimate destination for travel, leisure and business. We will be glad to provide you with individual excursions, mini-group tours, accommodation bookings and certainly with the full spectrum of expat services and real estate investments.

Real Estate-Sales and Rentals

If you are interested to locate yourself in the heart of Europe and benefit from the property for personal needs or investments, than Budapest is the answer!

Estate: renting, selling and buying 

We often tell our guests, especially from such cities as New-York, Moscow or Milan, where prices for property are incredibly high, that if you have a garage in your hometown you can sell it and easily buy a nice flat in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – in Budapest. 

Rates here are really low. For example, you can buy one-bedroom apartment for just 30 000 euro! Nice three-bedroom apartment in the center for 70,000 euro. Small house in the suburb you can find for 100 000 euro. 

Monthly the average citizen of Hungary pays about 150 euro for a flat, including all maintenance. Property annual tax is missing, but you have to pay a tax (4 %) after buying property. 

Expenditure of the process of acquiring property turnkey is about 5%. We can help you with all documents and make the process of buying a good flat as easy as possible.

More and more people nowadays buy flats in Budapest or suburbs just have a place to live in during treatment in Hungary.  A lot of foreigners present small flats to parents, which visit Hungary once a season to have treatment here. Remember, that you always can rent you apartment easily through the Internet or through our company. 

Welcome to Budapest!

Examples of apartments on the market:

Here we present a simple business plan for the investment purposes:

Real Estate Business Plan

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