Bring it to Budapest (B2Bud) is an international company presenting Hungary as an ultimate destination for travel, leisure and business. We will be glad to provide you with individual excursions, mini-group tours, accommodation bookings and certainly with the full spectrum of expat services and real estate investments.

Summer Camps – educational tours and sport camps for children and young adults

The Team of B2BUD has young adults as well on board. We still remember how crucial were in our life the well-paced and professionally organized summer camps. We offer excellent educational camps in different international environments with multiply physical activities. These programs were designed for those whose parents want mutually freedom and independence. Whether they sending their children to an international camp, or coming with them, but being a part due to business or other obligations.

  1. English-language courses in Budapest 

    Native speaker tutors give special trainings at a fun and leisure environments. Outdoor and indoor activities, small group-advantages, friendly and inspirational circumstances.
    Price: from €300/week

  2. English-language courses at Lake Balaton

    Native speaker tutors give special trainings around the largest fresh water lake in Central Europe. Outdoor and indoor activities, small group-advantages with multiply options enjoying the wonderful and inspirational nature.
    Price: from €250/week

  3. Jewish Identity Camp in the largest Central European Jewish camp, at Szarvas

    Rediscover your roots! Learn about Judaism and the thousand years of history and culture. Enjoy the largest Central European Jewish camp with its international atmosphere in the beautiful national reserve of Szarvas region, only two hours south of Budapest.
    Price: from €300/week

  4. Sports Camps with English language courses:

    We offer horse-riding, soccer-football, swimming, hiking, bicycle, sailing camps in different Hungarian regions, and a special Dream Option – travel with us to Manchester and participate at the United’s summer football camp.
    Price: from €250/week

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