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B2Budapest your partner

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My name is Igor Goldengur and I am a private guide in Budapest. I love Hungary since 2010, I have been acquainting guests with this country since 2011. Excursions in Budapest, in Hungary, transfer, rental of apartments for rent – just a small part of the work of my B2B company. Our main mission is to show the beauty and uniqueness of Hungary, to tell about the modern life of the Hungarians, to supplement the trip to Budapest with the most useful tips and, of course, to show you the places where the best grilled goulash and foie gras are served in the capital.

Why is it so important to get to know Hungary with an individual guide?

Only a local resident can convey to you the atmosphere of Budapest, knowledge of the history and positive emotions. You will visit those places, try those Hungarian cuisine, hear those stories that you can not get acquainted with in standard group trips. Only an individual guide knows all the nuances about Hungary that are not found in guidebooks and on the Internet, and the success of your trip often depends on trifles!



B2Bud offers professional services for solo travelers, a group of friends and large tourist groups. We invite you to Hungary! Enjoy its friendly atmosphere and the mixture of cultures of the 21st century and millennial heritage.
Entrust your Budapest tour to us!


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We provide transfer from the airport to the city from 30 euros, to the railway station from 25 euros. We can also take you to Hévíz, Bratislava, Vienna, Prague or Zagreb.

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Ничего удивительного, что летом одно из самых популярных направлений - Балатон. Тяжело не уловить уникальную атмосферу, не попробовать изысканную кухню и просто не покупаться в жаркий день).
В Эстергоме, с видом на Словакию (Паркань бывшая Венгрия). Мои гости с круиза по Дунаю уделили немного времени главному собору страны на Излучине Дуная.Это место самой близкой границы Венгрии с другим государством, всего 65 км от Будапешта.
Побывать летом на форелевом хозяйстве, отвлечься немного от истории и просто пообщаться на свежем воздухе, с бокалом местного вина... Прогулка по Излучине Дуная живописная, познавательная и вкусная)

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